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Take A Bite


You can make a difference. Your donation will fund the Adam’s Apples Scholarship Fund. Scholarships in the amount of $500 will annually be awarded to two recipients at each of our participating school or community centres. These scholarships will be awarded as a grant to qualified training providers to deliver peer counselling training to Scholarship recipients selected by a committee of Adam’s Apples Board of Directors. These trained peer counselors will be called Core Connectors who will have the tools and resources to support and encourage youth at our drop-in centres.

Your donation will assist in developing and maintaining the infrastructure needed to ensure that countless students in our school system have a place to connect before a crisis.  An apple a day can keep loneliness away.  We can change things for young people before they become bigger than an apple.

Donation Levels

$10,000  “The Orchard” Founding Member

Funds apples at a high school and an elementary school as well as scholarships for 2 Core Connectors for 1 year.

$5,000  “The Bushel”

Funds apples at a high school for 1 year.

$2,500  “The Golden Apple”

Funds apples at an elementary school for 1 year.

$1,000  “The Green Apple”

Funds 2 scholarships for Core Connectors for 1 year.

$500  “The Red Apple”

Funds apples at 1 high school for 1 month.

$250  “The Seed”

Fund apples at 1 elementary school for 1 month