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Monthly Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Adam’s Apples Foundation (AAF) encourages young people from all of our supporting locations to engage in our “Monthly Awareness Initiatives.”  We aim to develop peer educators and young advocates who promote social change within their environments.

 MAY 2017 Exclusive Initiative

Students at West Point Grey Academy, Jaiya and Fortune, took the initiative of designing and launching a Candy Apple Gram at their school to promote the importance of connecting with one another without the use of technology.  With the help of Shannon Green and Dave Chevreau, two passionate staff members at the school, students at WPGA raised $240 for Adam’s Apples Foundation.

Student volunteers spent their Thursday morning making delicious candy apples with the help of Chef Jeff.

Jaiya and Fortune designed and launched this initiative within their school. 

Jaiya and Fortune sold 105 candy apples.  The event was a success and students and staff were surprised when they received a kind note and a candy apple from their peers. 

APRIL and MAY 2017

Stress and Mental Health Awareness

April and May are our Stress and Mental Health awareness months.

We encourage youth to start the conversation around mental health to help reduce the stigma within their communities by asking champions at each location to hang our posters at their axis points.

Kirsten Bowel from West Point Grey Academy shared that she incorporated the concept of the Apple Program into mental health lessons: At the grade 7 level, especially, we talked about reaching out and supporting our peers our peers to health outlooks and behaviours, and mentioned specifically, the Adam’s Apples Foundation.


February and March are our Bullying Prevention and Acceptance for All awareness months.  Accordingly, we have challenged youth all over the Lower Mainland to participate in either our Bullying Prevention Poster Contest or Pink Apple Social Media Contest to spread kindness and acceptance towards everyone. 

Bullying Prevention Poster Contest

Students can design a poster that illustrates themes of bullying prevention, which may showcase the types of bullying, include tips on how to report bullying, or even the harms and consequences of bullying altogether! All of our participants have a chance to win a Mystery Prize!

Pink Apple Initiative

Young people are encouraged to spread their stories of acts of kindness they have witnessed or have promoted among their peers on the Adam’s Apples social media pages to enter a contest to win a mystery prize!

Merylle Panaligan is one of the winners of our poster contest.  She designed a bullying prevention poster to help raise awareness at Holly Elementary School.

Mark Elke went above and beyond to promote the Bullying Prevention Initiative at Holly Elementary School.  We received over 40 entries from his location alone!

Meet Aimie from Riverdale Elementary School.  She helped create bullying prevention awareness within her school by creating a unique poster to catch her peers’ attention.

January 2017

Adam’s Apples encourages students to form connections with peers, teachers, and community leader(s) with the creation of our peer mentoring “Core Connector” program. These peer mentors provide a foundation for youth and help them sprout into ripe apples. Help us promote National Mentor Day on Tuesday, January 17th.

We have designed two fun and engaging activities for our elementary school and secondary school students to participate in called the “Golden Apple.” Elementary aged-students are encouraged to write and give a positive or meaningful message to a friend or mentor; and secondary aged-students can enter a contest to win a $50.00 Metropolis at Metrotown gift card by taking a selfie, tagging a friend, using #adamsapples and posting the image on social media.


Awareness Month Poster Contest Winners

Janette Chen: Windermere Secondary School

Janette Chen is a grade 10 student from Windermere Secondary School. Her poster is displayed within our supporting locations. Her poster sheds light on issues regarding equality; education; freedom; justice; and the right to have access to food and nutrition. Thank you for promoting peer education!

Pia: West Point Grey Academy

Pia is a grade 8 student who attends West Point Grey Academy (WPGA). Her poster illustrates themes related to human rights such as acceptance and tolerance for all. Pia successfully conveys a message that is relatable to students within WPGA. Her message includes the concept of acceptance regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or flaws. Thank you Pia for sharing this message amongst your school community.

Anne Dinh: Windermere Secondary School

Anna Dinh is a grade 8 student who attends Windermere Secondary School and demonstrates tremendous support towards our Apple Program. Anna continues to motivate her peers to engage in positive and healthy interactions. She received a $25.00 Apple Store gift card. Anna’s poster showcases her strong support towards our Apple Program as she demonstrates how students participate in our program within her school.


Adam’s Apples Foundation is promoting Human Rights Awareness for the month of December 2016 within our supporting schools and community centres by launching a poster contest. Our goal is to encourage volunteerism by asking youth to spread human rights awareness through peer education.

Youth are encouraged to create an awareness poster and submit it to the Adam’s Apples bin at their location or email their completed masterpiece to [email protected] A successful representative from each supporting school or centre will be awarded with a $50.00 Apple Store Gift Card by Tuesday, November 28th.