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Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference 2016

Celebrate Sustainability with the VSB! This year Adam’s Apples will be donating 300 apples to the VSB Sustainability Conference. The conference will focus on celebrating sustainability inside and outside of the VSB, empowering youth with the skills and networks needed to execute their ideas, and facilitating both inter- and intra-school discussion on sustainability goals and post-Conference action plans. Don’t miss out! Register here to attend.

Face of Today’s Seventh Annual Gala: Alice in Wonderland

More than 230 guests attended the seventh annual Face of Today Gala at Rosewood Hotel Georgia with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The event raised over $250,000 for charitable organizations that help make dreams a reality for underprivileged youth.

The Vancouver Sun by Malcom Parry

Darcy Hibberd’s worst moment entailed finding 22-year-old son Adam Hryhorchuk dead from a recreational drug’s unknown ingredients. His former West Point Grey Academy headmaster, Stephen Anthony, reportedly recalled Adam being “not the kind of kid you put a plaque about on the wall. He was all about people connecting.” Noting that his death had spurred informal student gatherings, Anthony suggested that an apple bowl might draw in others.

The Vancouver Sun: "The Eve of Adam"

Adam’s Apples Foundation (AAF) was acknowledged in the Vancouver Sun by Malcolm Parry on September 30th, 2016 for the Annual Launch Event that took place on Thursday, September 28th.

Several supporters and community leaders attended the event to commemorate the non-profits’s efforts in fostering AAF initiatives within schools and community centres throughout the Lower Mainland.

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"In Your Face" Youth Workers' Conference

Adam’s Apples proudly attended the “In Your Face” Youth Workers’ Conference at Creekside Community Centre on Saturday, October 1st, 2016.

It was a pleasure interacting with passionate youth leaders who are also dedicated in creating positive change within communities throughout the Lower Mainland.

Earth Day Parade

Adam’s Apples was invited to the Earth Day parade by leadership students at Windermere Secondary School. At this event, we had the opportunity to enlighten others on the importance of connecting. Many community members shared their stories of bullying, violence and abuse in their younger years and voiced their appreciation for our Apple Program. Not only do we encourage youth to connect, we do so in an environmentally friendly way by encouraging youth to share an apple that can be decomposed.

Vancouver Sustainability Conference 2017

Thank you to the students at Eric Hamber Secondary School for inviting us to the 2017 Vancouver Sustainability Conference. We witnessed young people take an information brochure, two apples from our bowl and connect with a friend during conference breaks.