Our Program

Mission of Adam’s Apples

Connecting Youth One Conversation at a Time …  

Many good things are born from loss. The Adam’s Apples Foundation is one of those. Adam Hryhorchuk was a young man who came from a loving family, went to good schools and had a full life ahead of him. He died of an accidental overdose at 22 years of age.

Adam was more than a drug death statistic. He was kind. He would happily chat with anyone. Clever, exceptionally engaging and intuitive, he was naturally comfortable with those who were popular or those who were ignored. He was blind to status. Adam reached down and pulled people up. In his honour Adam’s Apples was created. We celebrate the good he stood for and want to create an environment in schools and teen centres that emulate his nature.

By placing a fresh bowl of apples in a gathering area in every school or community centre, our plan is to initiate the Water Cooler effect, enabling youth to gather and chat, even for a few minutes a day and encourage sharing with other kids that may some days have had no one to talk to.

Our purpose is to train individuals in basic peer support strategies through our Core Connector Initiative that builds on the Youth as Gatekeepers (YAG) Program.  These Core Connectors will engage youth in structured activities and provide support and referrals to appropriate resources when necessary. The Core Connectors will be supervised and guided by the School-Based Facilitators.

A list of skills we aim to promote in our program and a detailed diagram of our organization, purpose, program, and initiatives is presented below:

1. Peer Support;
2. Team Building;
3. Effective Communication and Public Speaking;
4. Active/Empathic Listening;
5. Peer Meditation;
6. Conflict Resolution;
7. Group Leadership;
8. Assertiveness Training;

9. Healthy Problem Solving;
10. Anti-Bullying Strategies;
11. Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Strategies;
12. Disordered Eating;
13. Sexual Orientation;
14. Grief and Loss;
15. Adolescent (Pro-Social) Survival Skills; and
16. Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills.

Core Connector Scholarships

If you are a participant in our Core Connector Initiative and under the age of 18, please email hello@adamsapples.ca requesting an application form. You will be required to provide supplemental documents, including:

  • a cover letter outlining the applicant’s future goals, reasons for seeking peer-counselling training, financial need and family situation; and
  • a recommendation letter from a school counsellor, teacher, principal, community leader, coach, religious leader or mentor.

To be eligible for a Scholarship, an applicant must demonstrate that he or she is enrolled at a recognized primary or secondary institution in British Columbia. Applicant’s will be selected based on two or more of the following:

  • the future goals of an applicant;
  • the personal circumstances of an applicant; and
  • the demonstrated financial need of an applicant.

Scholarship recipients will be notified in writing and will be awarded $500 towards a grant to help fund a post secondary education.

Following the conclusion of the training, the Scholarship recipient will receive a certificate of completion and he or she will be designated as a “Core Connector”.