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How you can help

What we do

AAF facilitates a mental health literacy program in lower mainland schools to train youth in taking leadership roles in addressing mental health issues within
their schools and communities. Our goal is to decrease a variety of mental health issues facing teens today. Stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, bullying, self harm and violent behaviours are common afflictions with today’s youth.

Since our inception in 2015, Adam’s Apples initiatives have been successfully implemented in 30 schools in Greater Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey. We have 4 components to our program with over 20,000 youth participating daily.

Adam was more than a drug death statistic. He was kind. He would happily chat with anyone. Clever,exceptionally engaging and intuitive, he was naturally comfortable with those who were popular or those who were ignored. He was blind to status. Adam reached down and pulled people up. In his honour Adams Apples was created. We celebrate the good he stood for and want create an environment in schools and teen centers that emulate his nature.

By placing a fresh bowl of apples in a gathering area in every school or community centre, our plan is to initiate the Water Cooler effect, enabling youth to gather and chat, even for a few minutes a day and encourage sharing with other kids that may some days have had no one to talk to.

Why support us?

Founded in 2015 AAF, has become a proven entity with 30 lower mainland schools and 20,000 youth participating in our programs daily.


Your support will help address and prevent mental health challenges facing today’s youth


You will be given recognition on our website and social media.


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You will receive a 100% tax deductible receipt (Charitable Registration#82093 9395 RR001).