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Our Programs

Adams Apples Programming

Adam’s Apples Foundation (AAF) has designed programs that encourage youth within their communities to connect and address mental health issues within their schools. Currently AAF is operating four initiatives within lower mainland elementary and high schools.

Apple Program

One of the key elements of The Adam’s Apples initiative is a youth led apple program where students take ownership and manage a simple and yet highly effective means by which students can Connect One Conversation at a Time. The Apple Program provides fresh apples weekly to a designated safe and central location within each school.

The apples act as a vehicle to create an opportunity to gather, share and have direct face to face engagement. This simple concept has been proven to be highly effective with students across an entire spectrum of personalities. The high level of engagement ranges from the shy and withdrawn simply looking for friends, to the highly socially active youth looking for guidance, as well with many students who just want to help.

Core Connector Initiative (CCI)

The imperative to our success, this 14-week training program is implemented through a partnership between AAF and the University of British Columbia’s (Faculty of Education) Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma.

Led by Master level students from the acclaimed UBC Counselling and Psychology program we train our Core Connector youth on mental health issues to encourage peer to peer outreach and leadership within their schools. Upon completion of the training participants are given a certificate to commemorate their completion of the program, and can then apply to the AAF scholarship fund. Trained youth now have the opportunity to take part in the action phase of the CCI which consists of initiating and developing social actions on addressing mental health issues unique to their school environment.

Adam’s Apples Youth Council (AAYC)

The AAYC’s mandate is to provide the AAF with feedback on the concerns facing youth today, and help facilitate the practices of AAF in their schools.

Adam’s Apples Foundation Scholarship Program

Students who have successfully completed the CCI training are eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship. Two scholarships are awarded to the successful recipients per school year.