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University of British Columbia’s (Faculty of Education) Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma

The Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma (CGCT) is focused on the advancement of group-based counselling research and delivery through the assessment and treatment of clients, community engagement, and the training of clinicians in group counselling interventions.


HEROS uses mentor relationships between dedicated volunteers and the participants as well as peer mentoring of older participants with their younger counterparts. By providing a safe and stable environment for young people to succeed and connect, HEROS guides its participants to become constructive citizens within their communities.

Three Story Clinic

Three Story Clinic

Three Story Clinic offers evidence-based psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic treatments for children, youth and families struggling with mental health: such as changes in mood or perception, obsessive thoughts or behaviours, fears, and/or feelings of anxiety. We know that early intervention can have a positive and lasting impact on the wellbeing of children, youth and families and strive to be accessible and timely.

Face of Today

Face of Today (FOT) is a charitable organization aimed at turning dreams into reality. FOT is committed to providing underprivileged youth with opportunities for personal and professional growth. FOT is composing the dream, building the dream, and living the dream by empowering underprivileged individuals to achieve their potential. Face of Today believes in YOUth.

North South Travel

North South Travel is dedicated to demonstrating our commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility and have implemented two major environmental programs: a comprehensive Offsetting Policy and an Office Environmental Policy. Airline travel accounts for a significant amount of all greenhouse gas emissions and we recognize that our industry must be more accountable for the CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business activities if we are to remain an environmentally responsible corporation.