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Connecting Youth One Conversation at a Time


All about Adam

The inspiration to create this foundation centers around Adam Hryhorchuk, who passed away from an accidental drug overdose on September 20, 2013 at the age of 22. Adam had a very special quality. He was genuinely interested in every person he met and valued people for who they were and what their individual story was. He gave a helping hand and acknowledgment to kids who were not in sync with the crowd.

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Alone in a Crowded Room


Today’s youth is the most connected generation in history, but statistics show that with the use of social media they have never felt more lost and alone. All text, no talk. The Adam’s Apples Foundation is working with schools and community centers to set up Apple Axis points which function the same way as the water cooler effect does in offices. A place to chat, connect, and become a part of something – even if it is only for a short time during the day. By offering something as simple as a bowl of communal apples, we can connect before crisis on safe, common ground.

The Water Cooler Effect

From its inception, Adam’s Apples began quite literally as a bowl of apples that was strategically placed in a school’s resource centre to offer students a healthy snack. The bowl of apples soon became a key gathering place for students to connect, enjoy an apple, socialize, and unwind. From this ‘seed’ has grown the core values and mission of the Adam’s Apples Foundation. Adam’s Apples collaborates with schools to use a simple approach to assist students in making healthy lifestyle decisions: Providing apples each day at a safe location to encourage personal interaction, care, and access to online support tools that promote heathy lifestyle, decision making, and crisis intervention tools. Through positive social interaction with their peers, youth can develop strong, healthy relationships and role models. This supportive network will encourage youth to act as role models for younger children and shape how the youth relate to other individuals in their communities and in society at large. Core Connectors who are trained in peer counselling will engage youth who visit these drop-in centres in structured activities such as ice breakers and other age appropriate games.

Our Core

Adam’s Apples is a non-profit organization with the following purposes:

(a) to advance education by providing publicly available scholarships to youth residing in British Columbia to be used for peer-counseling training;

(b) to address and prevent problems faced by youth by providing supportive peer-counseling training and programs to decrease youth delinquency, substance abuse, family violence, bullying and involvement with crime, and which encourage good citizenship, healthy relationships and wholesome recreation;

(c) to receive bequests, legacies, donations, gifts, funds and property from all sources and to hold and invest such funds and property and to administer and distribute such funds and property for the purposes of the Society; and

(d) to do all such other things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the foregoing purposes and the exercise of the powers of the Society.

The Adam’s apples activities are based on the idea that engagement in youth to youth peer-counseling is key to avoiding destructive behaviours and unhealthy lifestyles among youth. Activities are designed to assist youth to avoid or to overcome the problems they are likely to face during their youth, to foster positive and meaningful relationships and lead healthy, active lives.